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How the lab course works

  1. The course supervisor organizes the students into teams of two or three people. In rare cases it may happen that a group consists of a single member only.
  2. Each team has to do six experiments. Each experiment lasts 2 weeks.
  3. The experiments take place on Tuesdays, starting at 13:30 and lasting usually until 18:00.
  4. The experiments are assigned to the teams, they cannot be chosen by the team members.
  5. Who is doing which experiment will be announced on time on the web pages of the lab course.
  6. All members of each team must join the on-line lab teleconference on each of the afternoons and must participate actively. If you cannot attend a lab due to illness, please inform your lab supervisor on time (via e-mail or phone) and hand in a medical certificate if necessary. If only one person from your team is ill this does not mean that the lab will be postponed for the other members as well! The supervisor will make another appointment with the absent student.
  7. The evaluation scheme will be explained orally during the introductory briefing and can also be found on the web pages of the lab course.
  8. Due to the ongoing Corona crisis, observational lab work on Mt. Wendelstein will not be possible this semester.

In case of further questions, please contact Dr. Arno Riffeser or Dr. Keith Butler by e-mail.

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