Universitäts-Sternwarte München

Fakultät für Physik der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität


Astrophysics Essentials Tutorials

Summer semester 2023

Rhea-Silvia Remus, Tadziu Hoffmann, Ildar Khabibullin


We have reserved a number of timeslots for the tutorial classes:

  • At the USM:
    • Wednesday 9–11
    • Friday 9–11
  • In Garching:
    • Wednesday 9–11 at MPA, seminar room 006

If you are planning to participate in the tutorials, please send an email to essentials@usm. . . . indicating your preferred tutorial time.

Tutorial class dates and problem sets:

Class weekExercises

May 1 May 5Problem set #1
May 8 May12Problem set #2
Also, just for fun: watch these videos: plate drilling & fiber plugging.
May15 May19Problem set #3
May22 May26Problem set #4
May29 June 2Problem set #5
June 5 June 9Problem set #6
June12 June16Problem set #7
June19 June23Problem set #8
June26 June30Problem set #9
July 3 July 7Problem set #10
July10 July14Problem set #11
July17 July21Problem set #12

Notes on the tutorials:

  1. Participation in the tutorials is entirely voluntary.
  2. Problem sets will be posted on this web page roughly a week before the tutorial classes.
  3. The problems are intended for you (the students) to practice the material of the lectures (and possibly also some ancillary topics for which there was not enough time in the lectures). The main point is for you to become familiar with the concepts and to consider how these are interrelated. There will be a range of different problems, from purely theoretical to mostly practical.
  4. Tutorials classes are meant to give you the opportunity to discuss your solutions and other questions related to the problems. (If you do not want to discuss anything, see item 1.) If you were unable to solve a problem, you should discuss the approaches you have attempted. The tutor can then advise you on possible mistakes and pitfalls.
  5. There will be no materials handed out by the tutors.
  6. If you miss a tutorial you can talk to your fellow students, or possibly discuss problems you had difficulties with in a later tutorial, if there is sufficient time. The tutors are there to help you, but not to do your work for you.
  7. If no student wants to discuss anything, we can all go home early.

The lecture notes are available from a separate page.