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Topics in the astrophysical seminar

Summer semester 2023

Date Time Title Speaker Supervisor
May 23 11:15 Exploring telescope optics: how do the largest optical systems work? Brenninger Grupp
May 30  9:30 Euclid – technology, instrumentation, and science Lamprecht Grupp
11:15 Optical interferometry: breaking the diffraction limit of individual telescopes Salem Gillessen
June  6  9:30 Evolution of protoplantary disks Rijal Hutchison
11:15 Insights into the dark universe from weak gravitational lensing Mayukh Grün
June 13  9:30 Early stages of planet formation: from dust to the building blocks of planets Zhao Birnstiel
11:15 How to form elliptical galaxies – simulations as a tool Stoiber Remus
June 20  9:30 Horizon thermodynamics and the emergence of the Friedmann equation Muires Friedrich
11:15 Cosmological simulations of galaxy clusters Qin Dolag
June 27  9:30 Dynamical modeling: measuring the orbital configuration and mass composition of elliptical galaxies Hu Neureiter
11:15 Cosmic voids Chen Schuster
July  4  9:30 Identifying galaxy clusters in large surveys Schöller Klein
11:15 The epoch of reionization: observational constraints and outstanding theoretical challenges Kunisch Gronke
July 11 11:15 Data reduction – getting the most out of your data Gaborit-Reitz Gillessen
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