DES Algorithms Meeting

DES Algorithms Meeting

May 10-11, 2010

LMU, Munich

Meeting Agenda and Schedule
We will have talks in the morning and early afternoon, followed by a discussion session next day on some focussed topics. We hope to set aside plenty of time for discussions. A tentative list of topics/speakers for this meeting is as follows :
* Overview of current data quality and comparison to Data Quality
  Requirements (Shantanu, Bob, Joe)
   * Detrending overview and photometric repeatability tests (Joe, Bob)
   * Masking details
         o Bright star/bleed trails/cosmic ray (Shantanu)
         o Satellite trails (Nacho/Santi)
         o Masking while building coadds (Bob, Joe, ?)
   * Astrometric refinement with SCAMP (Emmanuel)
   * Photometric calibration
         o Photometric standard module (Douglas)
         o Zeropoints when building coadds (Bob)
         o Global photometric calibration (Douglas)
   * Building PSF homogenized coadds (Emmanuel)
   * Cataloging with model fitting (Emmanuel)
   * Large scale structure masks (Molly)
* Weak lensing codes (Gary B)
   * Discussion of high hurdles and next steps
         o Dealing with deblending (Emmanuel leads discussion)
         o Optimal ways of estimating galaxy colors  (Huan leads discussion)
         o Dealing with variations in color corrections when
           building/calibrating coadds (Jim  or Douglas)
         o ???

A full agenda can be found here

There is no formal registration or registration fee for this meeting. If you like to attend this meeting send an email to Joe Mohr or/and Shantanu Desai Wireless access will be available throughout the meeting.

Here is the list of confirmed attendees.

Meeting Location
The meeting will take place in one of the seminar rooms at Universitaets-Sternwarte Muenchen, Scheinerstrasse in Muenchen. The university is about a 15 minute bus ride from Hotel Occam on Bus 54, when you catch in Muenchner Freiheit. Muenchner Freiheit is conveniently located three blocks from Hotel Occam next to Muenchen Freihart subway station. The bus stop for USM is "Galileiplatz". One way fare is 2 euro 40 cents. Detailed maps shall soon be posted.
We have reserved blocks of rooms at special group rates at Hotel Occam whose address is as follows
Occamstrasse 7
80802 Munich

Please let Uta Leguay know of your dates of arrival/departure in Munich and she will take care of your hotel bookings. Instructions on how to reach the hotel from the airport can be found here. One way fare from the airport is about 9.60 Euros. A taxi costs about 40 euros. More instructions from Joe are available here . See also this link for everythng you wanted to know about Munich subway.
Conference dinner
The conference dinner will take place on Monday at 7:00 pm at Altes Hackerhaus

Altes Hackerhaus 
Sendlinger Strasse 14 
80331 Munchen 
Tel. 2605026 

Local Organizing Committee