Jörg Dietrich

Universitäts-Sternwarte München
Scheinerstr. 1
81679 München
Email: dietrich@usm.lmu.de
Tel.: +49 89 2180 5942
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I am a research scientist at the University Observatory Munich. My scientific interests include gravitational lensing, galaxy clusters, direct observations of the cosmic web, and observational cosmology. More information about some of my work can be found via the links on the left.

If you send me email, please consider encrypting your message. My GnuPG key id is 0x28DAA11406E1AFFD. The fingerprint is 360F 4E41 2F35 7D65 D862 B79A 28DA A114 06E1 AFFD. I used a different key in the past. Here is my key transition statement.