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The DRAGONS (Dynamics, enviRonment and Assembly of Galaxies from Observations and Numerical Simulations) Team is dedicated to understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies through all environments, from voids to galaxy clusters. While we mostly work on simulations and theoretical aspects of structure formation, we put special emphasis on our strong collaborations with observational teams from around the world.

We are part of the Computational Astrophysics Group CAST at the University Observatory in Munich. We are also part of the Magneticum Pathfinder team and partially involved in the MUSE Large Program MAGPI, C2PAP, and the Excellence Clusters “Universe” and “Origins”.


Current Team Members:

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Former team members:

Adelheid Teklu (Postdoc), Marcel Lotz (PhD Student), Felix Schulze (PhD Student), Adrian Bittner (Master’s Student), Pascal Förster (Master’s Student), Bendix Hagedorn (Master’s Student), Elena Hernández Martínez (Master’s Student), Geray Karademir (Master’s Student), Maximilian Kühn (Master’s Student), Anna Schauer (Master’s Student), David Schlachtberger (Master’s Student), Thiemo Bühler (Lehramtsstudent), Hannah Grewe (Lehramtsstudentin), Tianli Wang (Summer Student), Sebastian Langer (Bachelor’s Student).

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