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(2015.02.10) Now there are many new images and improvements at the astrophotography page. A few old images with poor quality have been removed or replaced. The comets page has been actulized wth new images and infos.

(2015.01.25) The report of the 30th ITT at Carinthia has now been created. There is also an update of the links page. Also the report including a video clip from the 14. BTM has been inserted.

(2014.05.27) The report of the 29th ITT including the trip towards the Großglockner has now finally been created. Therefore it is pretty substantial and includes many pictures.

(2013.04.06) The comet C/2011 L4 PanSTARRS led until now to eight new images at the comets page. There is also an update of the links page.

(2013.02.13) There are eight new images and a time lapse video at the nature and travel page. There are a few new nice videos from our animals at our YouTube channel also.

(2012.12.29) The link page got again a little update. Finally many new images at the Astrophoto gallery can be inspected now.

(2012.10.10) The international telescope meeting which took place a short time ago in Carinthia gets a long recall with many images at the ITT page. The link page got again an update. There are a few new images at the Planets page , from the transit of Venus but also from Pluto.

(2012.05.29) The moving of the Bismarck Telescop is documented with 16 new images at the Bismarck gallery and also at the Bismarck page. At the Astrophoto gallery one can watch the first images of an upcoming series of new imagery.

(2011.12.17) Finally two articles with lots of imagery about the star parties of this year have been finished. At the ITT page is the report of the very nice meeting at the Emberger Alm. At the CHAT and BTM page you'll find the report of the 8th CHAT at lake Chiemsee. The arrival of comet Garradd inspired observations and images of this object at the Comets page. Again another update of the links page occured.

(2010.12.23) There are images of a lovely parade of the planets at the planets page. The lunar eclipse which happened recently is now well documented. There are a few new images at the nature and travel page for instance from Paris. Also at Gabi's Painting page one can admire a great number of new paintings for a short time. There was also an update of the links page.

(2010.11.27) The detailed report of the 26th ITT in Carinthia is now online at the ITT page.

(2010.02.26) Two new Rollercoaster videos at Haleys YouTube Channel. Finally the report of the 25th ITT in Carinthia is online at the ITT page.

(2010.02.21) Ongoing actualization and improvement of the link page. Haleys new YouTube Channel is already embedded. Also at the Christoph and Gabi world link page a few new links. 12 new images and two clips you'll find at our Rollercoaster page. One clip is also embedded at the Gipsy and Felix page.

(2010.01.24) Link page actualized.

(2009.08.23) From the 6th CHAT which happened some time ago there is at the CHAT and BTM page a report with 11 new images.

(2009.04.20) Comet Lulin provided a nice show. At the comet page one can find five new images and two animations. Link page updated, new links about light pollution.

(2008.07.24) The M83 image, obtained in Spain at the astrophoto page has been exchanged by a new version. You'll find a new category concerning the historic Schiefspiegler at the technic page.

(2008.06.16) A bunch of additional new images has landed at the astrophoto page. The 5th CHAT at the Winklmoosalm is now represented with an illustrated report. Furthermore a time lapse movie of the 4th. CHAT. At the Bismarck gallery you'll find a nice new night time lapse movie and at the planets page a fine image of Moon/Venus out of my archive.

(2008.03.29) There are again new images at the astrophoto page. A report of the total lunar eclipse in February is now existing too.

(2008.01.08) There are lots of new images and restructurings at the astrophoto page, finally also from "spechtling" in Andalusia. From this voyage many impressions of ULT Schdoffal there in action are inserted at the Christina and ULT page.

(2007.12.21) Another new image of Holmes is now at the comets page. A slightly overdued report of the 23. ITT you'll find now at the ITT page, as well as impressions and new images of the occultation of Venus last summer at the planets page.

(2007.11.06) The actual fantastic comet Holmes will be presented at the comets page.

(2007.09.04) Recently the 10th BTM was upheld at the Osterberg close to Pfünz, the report with many images is now online. There are now a few new night impressions at the Bismarck startpage and the Bismarck gallery . The links page has been enriched with new Wendelstein images and new links. Two new exposures of Jupiter are waiting at the planets page for watching.

(2007.03.08) The Total Lunar Eclipse from March 3rd presents itself with gorgeous exposures inclusive an animation. This page is now also at actual state. The first bonny pictures with the EOS 350D are introduced at the a href="deepsky_eng.html"> Deep Sky gallery . The links page has experienced also an update.

(2007.02.07) A gleaning of the Mc Naught Show are presented at the Comet page with an animation of the comets tail streamers. This page is now available in English. Images of the new worm wheel cover are now inserted at the Bismarck gallery.

(2006.11.11) Finally after a few weeks of waiting time I finished the report of the 22nd ITT combined with a nostalgic tour towards former star party places enriched with lots of images.

(2006.09.09) There are new summer moods at the Bismarck gallery , furthermore three new deep sky images at the Astrophotography gallery. We honor the memory of the Grey Eminence at the Luzy-Bobbie page with five new pictures.

(10.06.2006) The new technic page has been extended amongst others with new images of Samti. There are now three new images at the Luzy-Bobbie page.

(24.05.2006) There is a report with plenty of imagery from the 3rd CHAT. Launch of a new technic page for the presentation of self developed astronomical accessories. There is a nice new night image from Christina at the Christina and ULT page.

(2006.05.05) The Egyptreport at the Solar Eclipse page has been expanded with further exposures.

(2006.04.15) The report about the Solar Eclipse from March 29th 2006 in Egypt is now online, decorated with a nice animation of the Eclipse.

(2006.03.22) Eight new images inserted at the Bismarck gallery , the Bismarck startpage presents itself now with a new logo. The Solar Eclipse page contains now a preview of the Eclipse in Egypt.

(2006.03.20)Links update.

(2005.11.07) Partly redesign and improvement of the planet page . Furthermore new interesting images.

(2005.10.10) A report with many images of the 21st ITT you'll find at the ITT page , from now on all images there can be viewed with the gallery window.

(2005.09.14) An illustrated report of the 8th BTM you'll find now at the CHAT - BTM page .

(2005.09.05) Beside the news at the cat portal there are impressive new images at the Wendelstein astro gallery.

(2005.08.15) Altogether seven new images inserted at the pages Cat Picard and Luzy Bobbie . Additional there is a now a Cats gate with divers catlinks.

(2005.07.22) Release of two additional images of the 2nd CHAT at the CHAT - BTM page and also two additional images of the comet Machholz at the comet page . Explicit extension of the link page with highly informative astronomical links.

(2005.06.06) A report of the 2nd. CHAT you'll find now at the CHAT - BTM page with plenty of imaging.

(2005.05.18) Complete redesign of the Bismarck gallery with lot's of new images, also changes at the Bismarck start page . New images inserted at the pages deepsky gallery and the Solar Eclipse page .

(2005.05.11). New images inserted at the pages planet page and Christina and ULT page .

(2005.03.18) New images inserted at the Wendelstein pages landscape gallery and panoramic gallery.

(2005.02.28) New images at the Luzy Bobbie page, as well as launch of the gallery window. Beside new images is an update to the last status of the works at my mirrors at the Mirror making page .

(2005.02.08)Creating of a new Comet gallery . A few new images placed at the Astrophoto gallery . Images of Pluto inserted at the Planet page.

(2005.01.31)We have now placed at our Christophundgabi page an illustrated report of our journey to Egypt at last fall.

(2005.01.03) Gallery window installed at the Astrophoto gallery . Two new images placed at the Mt. Wendelstein Astro gallery.

(2004.12.28) A few new images from the Moon, Mercury and this years x-mas comet Machholz at the Planet page and the Astrophoto gallery .

(2004.11.10) Finally five new images of the Venus transit's egress at the planet page , although implementation of the separate gallery window at this page, the T.A.S.P. page , and the new english mars page .

(2004.10.24) Lots of new images at the Cat page. Additonally the new presentation form of his image gallery. Furthermore updating of the activities at the 24" project.

(2004.10.22) Introduction of a new presentation technique of the mirror making image gallery with new images. Making of the news page, stronger integration of the links to our common Christoph and Gabi Domain and our guestbook.

(2004.09.26) Pictures and short reports from the star parties 7. BTM and 20. ITT are now online. I've constructed a lightweight focuser for the ULT and other lightweight scopes. More at the Christina and UlT page.

(2004.06.28) First moods and results of the Transit of Venus are visible at the planet page. The official pages of Mt Wendelstein observatory have adopted the transit of Venus pages of my former Mt. Wendelstein pages. More infos at my Wendelstein start page. The Solar Eclipse gallery is from now on in english and there are new images of the Solar Eclipse at May 31st 2003 inserted. This images are awaiting their publication since longer time *g*

(2004.06.03) All Lunar Eclipse shots, especial the prey from May 4th are now placed into a new Lunar Eclipse page . The Telescope Meeting at the Chiemgau has from now on also it's own page. There are also new images on following pages: planet page , Astrophoto gallery , Christina and ULT page . The number of buttons increased up to 18. Upgrading to two button columns was neccessary.

(2004.05.07) The Total Lunar Eclipse at Mai 4th was spechtled succesfully. At the planet page you can see a foretaste of the images. New images of the cats Jean Luc Picard und Bobbie Luzy are now at the cat pages.

(2004.04.10) A complete new page related to the theme mirror making is online now. It documents the grinding of an 24" mirror and an 8" mirror. In addition at the astronomical image gallery of the Wendelstein pages a new impressive image of the moon was inserted.

(2004.03.14) Two great animations of Jupiter and Venus inserted at the planet page .

(2004.02.25) Two pretty impressive images of Jupiter and Ganymede enriches from now on the planet page .

(2004.01.20) The last three images of Mars inserted and transfer of all Mars images to a new created Mars 2003 page. New english version of the planet page . Eight new images and a short story about the Solar Eclipse added to the T.A.S.P. page . The M44 chart at the background galaxies in M44 page is now downscaled for a very faster download of this page.

(2004.01.11) New english version of the Link page. A few images new processed: The two panoramic views of Bismarck at the Bismarck Observatory page and the moonshot which hides behind the image at the head of the planet page.

(2004.01.02)Minor improvements in design and new material: Two night time lapse movies at the pages ITT page and Bismarck Observatory page . Three new exposures of Schdoffal at the Christina and ULT page . The first image of Saturn from the observation period 2003/2004 at the planet page . A few images of Picard and Luzy at the cat pages .

(2003.12.23) News and a lot of new or new processed images at the following pages: More than one dozen exposures at the Astrophoto Gallery as well as a page to the subject background galaxies in M44 . A few images at the pages Christina and ULT, Solar Eclipse Gallery and ITT page . Finally circa one dozen shots at the Cat page.

(2003.12.05) Making of an Aurora Borealis page , containing not only the images of the Aurora Borealis from Mt. Wendelstein, but also seven new images made at 11.20.

(2003.11.27) 10 Images of the Total Lunar Eclipse from 11.09. and images from Mars inverted. Matching of the astronomical image gallery to the latest version of the official Page of the Wendelstein Observatory.

(2003.11.07) More than a dozen of images and a few panoramic views uploaded to the pages cat page , Bismarck startpage and ITT page . New panoramic views added to the Mt. Wendelstein Panorama page, a lot of historic pictures were placed at the page History and development of the Observatory.

(2003.10.31) A spectacular event enriched this night. Impressive aurora borealis dominated the sky over Mt. Wendelstein!

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