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Astrophysical lab course
for Master’s students

Summer semester 2022

P2.1, WP1.1, & WP 2.1

General information:

Places and Times:
Tuesday 13:30–18:00, University Observatory.
Briefing for summer semester 2022:
Tuesday, 26th of April 2022, 13:30, via Zoom.
Note: Master’s students in astrophysics or physics who have already completed their first semester of labs do not have to participate in this introductory briefing if they send email to the course organizers (Stella Seitz, Arno Riffeser) confirming that they will attend this course. You may request other students as possible partners for the practicals (but there is no guarantee).
Date of first lab:
Tuesday, 3rd of May 2022, 13:30.
This lab course is for:
Master’s students in astrophysics and physics only.
LMU Bachelor’s students in physics can be admitted if they are already admitted to the Master’s program in astrophysics or physics and if we have enough tutors!
Students who have applied for the Master’s program in astrophysics or physics but have not been admitted cannot participate in this lab.
In case you have questions or need further information (regarding P2.1, WP1.1, & WP2.1):
Please contact Dr. Stella Seitz (stella_at_usm.lmu.de) or Dr. Arno Riffeser (arri_at_usm.lmu.de) by email.

Further information:

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